What once started out as a 6th grader's fascination with the digestive system, has turned into a life-long passion. 

I grew up in a household in which my parents dearly preserved their Bengali cultural heritage. For me it was normal to lead a double life, coming home and changing into different clothes, speaking a different language, and eating food that was very different from what I had at school. After my mother got diagnosed with diabetes, she just didn't know how to adjust her diet because the pictures the doctor gave her looked nothing like the food she cooked at home. 

As I progressed through years of nutrition education to become a Registered Dietitian, I kept wondering "Where is the nutrition information on cultural foods"? Culture and food is very near and dear to my heart as I live and breath cultural diversity having grown up in New York City. I am OBSESSED with culture and food. In my spare time, I love to research and learn about different cuisines and food practices from all over the world. One day, I'd love to travel to further immerse myself in this research so that I can share authentic, reliable nutrition advice with you. 

The world is so incredibly rich with cultures and has so much to offer to make eating well exciting, comforting and joyous. I'm here to tell you that you can eat food of all shapes, sizes, colors, and backgrounds and live healthfully and happily. My mission is to create a new movement in how healthy eating is perceived worldwide. Join me on my journey and learn how to apply nutrition tricks and tips to live your best life without ever feeling like you're depriving yourself of the diversity this world has to offer.